August Fischer
Andrew Fischer
Kenneth W. Fisher

Kenneth John Fisher

David, Linda, John and Daniel Fisher


Lori, Todd, Jeremy, Brandon, and Chelsea Marks (Easter 2008)
Augusta Schultz
Fred Ehlert
Anna Ehlert
Hannah Greenwald
Martin Miller
John F. Miller
Mildred Miller
Mary Anna Flatow
William Engel
Bertha Engle
Anna R.W. Bulgrin
August Piltz
Emil Piltz
Donald Piltz

Joyce Marie Piltz

Joyce's Family Tree (Created by Dorothy Piltz)
Frederica Piltz
John Bates
Jennie Bates
Mary Cooper
John Tamminga Sr.
John Taminga Jr.
Dorothy Taminga
Grace Johnson
Charles S. Spafford
(See note 1 below)
Alice Mabel Spafford
Mary Jane Allen
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Note 1 - Historical record ends for all above three generations prior to Ken Fisher's and Joyce Piltz's 1965 union....  EXCEPT for Charles S Spafford.