Photo Size Guide

The following links show how that image size will display on the monitor you are currently using.
(Dont forget to maximize your browser window!)

1000 x 750 px

 800 x  600 px

600 x 450 px

400 x 300 px

Images from current 10+ megapixel cameras are excellent for providing sharp prints or acceptable highly cropped images. BUT, they are far too large for web site displays like this resulting is paifully slow load times. If they are used raw, modern browsers can resize them so they do not spill over the edges of the display browser, but this also slows down rendering the imge on the display, and their file size is unnecessarily large.

Instead of using these images at full size, they should be resized using a program like Photoshop so that with a typical 1440 x 900 monitor (currently) the image used on the website is 1000 pixels or less in width.  

Multiple images per page

Here is a sample of how 3 side-by-side 400 pixel wide images would look on he display you are currently using.

And click here to see how two 6oo pixel side-by-side images look on your current display.