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01/03/15 - Removed hyperlink underlines on and SubIndex.htm page using internal <style> directives. Will leave underlines on individual year-page links because it makes the links stand out more from, ordinary text.  Also...

7/19/14 – New Workflow: (Lots of recent changes: ) (Updated 12/26/14)


7/15/14 - There has been some medium amount of development work done since the last Sep 2008 entry, but not documented here. It was mostly related to keeping up with photos and text as the years went by. Current status is that the original Front Page developed web has been available at for a month or so, hosted under IIS running on my H61M Win8 system at home, however we recently found that Charter does not permit web servers on home-accounts.

So, this is a good opportunity to clean out all the old/obsolete Front Page files and folders (_vti_*), transition to Microsoft Expression Web 4 for editing, and have Yahoo host the cleaned and updated Photoweb. So...

9/23/08 - Working on 1981 Vetter Rally motorcycle trip

    Current Photoweb editing activity: 1981
     Current negative scanning activity: 1988

4/23/08 - Finished scanning all negatives from 1987 with Canoscan 8800F

4/21/08 - Finished re-scanning all of the '81 Vetter Rally negs.

4/19/08 - Next: Re-scan the 1981 Vetter Rally negs with the 8800F, then start incorporating all '81 photos into the photoweb. (Other '81 photos originally scanned with the Coolscan are deemed ok for use without rescanning.)

4/11/08 - The old Nikon CoolScan negative scanner acted up for the last time.   I replaced it with a $199 Canon CanoScan 8800F page/negative/slide scanner. Additional notes will be found in he Canoscan8800F.doc file. 

9/10/06 - It appears from a chronological view anyway, that when I pick this up again, I should begin with finishing off 1976, then go on to 1977. Need to add RMCO electronics projects, Ref the 1977 "For Photoweb" folder. Where are Dave's 10th birthday photos? Although above note state completion, I need to go back and look at Rolls # 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87 (slides in metal box) to see if these are REALLY done, or if I need to scan additional slides for inclusion in the photoweb.

1/7/06 - Found a bunch of negatives marked "Joyce's neg" in the wooden negative file box.  Not sure where they came from as neither Joyce nor I remember her having a 35 mm camera. Anyway, started working on scanning a few of those in.  Categories are: Aquarium, Lori's wedding, Trips, and OBX in Sep '98.  Note: a sharpie check-mark near the opening of a negative envelope means hat particular envelope has bee reviewed and scanned for Photoweb use.

1/7/06 - Fired up the LS-30 negative scanner again. Tested in the "Dave Test Print". Result is at D:\Photos&Graphics\Initial VueScan Experiments\Dave Test Print_1.jpg. Scanner seems to be working ok, actually better than expected.

7/3/05 - Copied potential images from Joyce folder through "F June: to "For Photoweb"/2005 folder.

7/2/05 - Finished 2004 Sept HHI images.

(Did not keep up a running commentary 1998 - 2005)

7/5/98 - Copied 4.6 MB PhotoWeb to CDR using Adaptec Easy CD Creator. (Does NOT use "drive letter" access. You have to formulate a "layout" that shows all the subdirectories and files you want to copy. Much like the track-by-track Easy CD Audio program But, the advantage is it can be read on ALL (even older) CD-ROM drives, whereas CDR's made using DirectCD (drive letter access) only work on newer drives under Win NT and Win 95 (not Win 3.1 and DOS).
9/12/99 - Trying to resume where left off. Appears that copy of  photoweb on GW2000P5 C-drive is the same as the one on the so- labeled ZIP disk. Will assume this to be the case and use the hard drive version as the working version and the Zip disk copy as a backup periodically synced with the hard drive version.   

Added a page and three pictures from GP and GM Fisher's shop and craft work and provieded a link to it on the 1973 page.

Need to review other notes but it appears that last work was with photos of  the 1974 time frame. The 1975 page is blank except for the Year as a
title..... Yes, confirmed the above. Next step is to add images from Set #30 to the Photoweb. Added Set 30 and 31 images to photoweb. Just finished 1975 Sibley camping trip.

Older, partially obsolete information follows for reference:

Motorcycle trip status as of July 2011

August 1981 - Vetter Rally, Hurricane Mills, TN - DONE
July 1982 - Lemans America National Camp In, Gore Oklahoma - DONE
June 1983 - Lemans America National Camp-in, Lake Tahoe, NV - ONLY MAIN PAGE THUMBNAIL PRESENT
July 1986 - Lemans America National Camp-in, Point Mallard, Alabama  - ONLY MAIN PAGE THUMBNAIL PRESENT
July 1989 - New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana - DONE
July 1990 - Oregon Trail, Mt. St. Helens, Sturgis - DONE
July 1991 - Donner Party Trail, Flaming Gorge, Green River, Libby MO, Waterton, Sturgis, Northern California - PARTIAL & NEEDS REFORMATTING
July 1992 - Maine, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec - ONLY MAIN PAGE THUMBNAIL PRESENT
July 1993 - Jasper, Banff Provincial Parks, Alberta, Canada - - - ONLY MAIN PAGE THUMBNAIL PRESENT
July 1994 - Trailer Sportster to Sturgis - NOTHING DONE
August 1995 - Rider Rally at Kalispell, MT, Glacier National Park - NOTHING DONE
September 1996 - Short North and South Carolina Trip - NOTHING DONE
September 1997 - Natchez Trace, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas - NOTHING DONE
June 2000 - West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia - DONE

To Do...

Page Layout
(Assume screen resolution of at least 1024)


General Plan - Complete inventory of negatives and slides

I used various roll id methods over the years, sometimes making it difficult to pinpoint exactly when a photo was taken, or to find a particular slide knowing the year. In 1980 I finally started identifying the roll (mostly negatives now instead of slides) according to the year and month in which it was processed, which I continued to use until I switched to digital camera's in late 1998. 

Here is a cross reference to help date earlier slides and negatives:

Need to add B&W negative info here....

Early Slides in stored in carousel

July 58 - Jun '61, Carousel #1.  (Western Car/Camping Trip and Mackinac Island trip)
Sep '59 - Jul '61, Carousel #2. (University of Wisconsin)
Jul '61 - Nov '63, Carousel #3
Dec '64 - Dec '66, Carousel #4
Mar '67 - Jun '67, Carousel #5

Previous color negatives - may not use   (Where are they?)
R20 (?) - Spring Green WI area, NEC, (Where are they?)

Stored in metal slide box #1

1967 - Slides, Roll # 32, 34, 36, 37 (Dave's first birthday Jul '67 through Christmas '67
1968 - Slides, Roll # 38, 39, 40, 41
1969 - Slides, Roll # 41, 44, 45, 46, 47,
1970 - Slides, Roll # 48, 51, 53, 54
1971 - Slides, Roll # 54, 55, 56, (Reserve's aerial slides), 57, 60 (GMFisher's Wisemen, Dec '71)


R76 - (Color Negatives) GMF, Lori, Joyce, Dave, Silver Cliff,St Paul's,

Stored in metal slide box #2

R77 -
R78 -
R79 -
R80 -
R81 -
R82 - (Done) (Kodachrome 25 slides) Loaded Feb 1976. Arrow Lake camping, Grand Portage, Dave & I Sawbill canoe trip (not the long one),
As of Jan 15, 2001 - I'm up to R82 with the Photoweb which is dated June '76. So for the rest of the slides:
Done...R83 - (slides) Daves 10th birthday, 

Negatives in varnished wooden file box start here with Roll #84


R-84 - (Color Negatives) Beaver Bay, Lori, L Superior, Dredge, Ore Boats at Two Harbors. (Vericolor II, ASA-100, July 1976)
R-85 - (Color Negatives) Pete Leonardson Sailing, Basement workshop, Ft. William , Sibley beach (Vericolor II, No date recorded)
R-86 - (Color Negatives) Silver Islet, GMF, Dave Lori on beach Pintail on Lax Lake, Dave & Geoff, R&D proj.(Vericolor Sibley '76)
R-87 - (Color Negatives) Digital clock, Silver Bay Days  (Kodacolor II, load 8/22/76, develop 10/20/76)
Jan 6, 2006 Note: This appears to be the end of completion for the first period of the Photoweb. Will continue scanning negatives and adding them to the web from here until this particular period of enthusiasm runs out.   : - )  
R-88 - (Color Negatives) Halloween, Koyuk, Baptism R Falls, L. Superior, Basement projects (Kodacolor II, no date recorded)
R-89 - (Color Negatives) Koyuk, Ice at L. Superior, Christmas SB & WR. (Kodacolor II, loaded 12/18/76, dev 12/27/76)

Restarted here in August 2007, but should review R-84...R-89 sometime to make sure all that was covered.
R-90 - (Color Negatives) More Christmas, GMF's, (Kodacolor II, Dec 24, 1976) Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-91 - (Color Negatives) Koyuk birthday, Dave and Lori, Ken, RMCO projects. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-92 - (Color Negatives) Snowsleding, Basement projects , Dave & Snoopy. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-93 - (Color Negatives) Picnic, Ham Radio Field Day, Joyce, Angela, Lori at Beaver R. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-94 - (Color Negatives) Dave and I motorcycle trip to N. Dakota (Summer 1977) Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-95 - (Color Negatives) Trip around L. Superior w/GmFisher-1977. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
R-96 - (Color Negatives) TransSuperior Sailboat races from Soo Locks. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07 
R-97 - (Color Negatives) Trip around L. Superior w/GmFisher. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07


Back to Slides now - In metal slide file box #2 - NOT in the wooden file box
Now back to slides numbered sequentially,  NOT according to year:  
98 - (slides) April '78 - Takeoffs and landing fr Duluth, Mpls, Philadelphia. Superstition Mtns, AZ. San Francisco - Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.
99 - (slides) - San Francisco scenes, Photos of early KIM 6502 Microprocessor system. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07
100 -(slides) June '78 - Camping at Maggie and Dick King's cabin.
Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.

Now roll numbering switches to being based on the calendar year and a sequential roll number for that year:
79-1 (Kodachrome 25 slides) RMCO/TDC2000 for IAS/IEEE talk, 3/20/79
(Carl Becker's diag, Operator control area and DEC computer system at R&D Division, Stradski at Conc console, Honeywell Basic Controller card rack, Honeywell printers, Dave and Lori being silly.)
Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.
79-2 (Kodachrme 64 slides)  RMCO/TDC2000 for IAS/IEEE talk, 5/12/79. These are almost all Carl Becker drawen diagrams of the RMCo TDC2000 control system.  Exception: 12 & 13 are photos of the new study/electronics shop area build into the front portion of the "first basement" at 48 Hays
Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.
79-3 (Kodachrome 25 slides) International Falls Cycle trip, Gunflint Lake camping, July 1979
Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.
79-4 (Kodachrme 25 slides) 1...34 at RMCo for IEEE paper, Aug 22, 1979 (I do have (only) #31 which is a photo of the partially completed Heathkit Logic Probe)
79-5 (Kodachrme 25 slides) More RMCo related photos. Date: 9/5/79
79-6 (Kodachrome 25 slides) More RMCo related photos. Date: 9/5/79
These three rolls are missing.  I believe that I left them at Reserve Mining Co when we left Silver Bay in 1984.
79-7 (Kodachrome slides) Disneyworld, Oct 1979. Reviewed and scanned - 8/07.
79-8 (Kodachrome slides) Disneyworld, Oct 1979 Reviewed and scanned - 9/07
79-9 (Kodachrome 64) Nov 1979 to July 1980 <-- Cannot find the 79-9 set! 9/12/07
80-1 (Kodachrome slides) Lori and Dave around house, camping at Fenske and Echo lake. Reviewed and scanned - 9/07
80-2 (slides) Dave and my Sawbill/Alton/Kelso Lake canoe trip. 
Reviewed and scanned 9/07

That seems to be the last of the slides.  At this point switched to roll numbering based on
month developed/year - sequential letter if more than one roll in a month.


Back to color negatives in the wooden file box.  1981 - 1983
3/81-A - Border Lakes Snowsledding (Irv Benson's cabin), Dorothy Molter's. Reviewed and scanned 9/07 (Note - There is a 2nd set of 3/81-A, #21-24 negative strip, with same subject matter as the first strip. (?) Don't know what happened to #1-20 of this set - Maybe some camera trouble? These last four images seem like a simple continuation of the first set.)
3/81-B - Lori & Paul Bunyan, GmF & Ken on Suzuki, RMCo roof, LoriPianoShroud, DavePopcicleStructure, Palasiad Head from Silver Cliff. ***** I believe this roll of file is mislabeled and that it came BEFORE 3/81A - and that the incorrectly labeled strip of 3/81A, #21-24 are really from the tail end of THIS roll.  (There is no strip labeled 3/81-B, #21-24 for one thing, and for another, #21-24 are obviously from the "Irv Benson cabin snowsledding trip).  I will NOT correct the labels however as most of the images in this roll will not be used in the Photoweb.  Just the GmF and me on he Suzuki, and perhaps one of the snowsled trip. Even though they are labeled '81, I'll place them in the ...For Photoweb\1980 folder, except for the snowsled images which will be left in the '81 folder.  Remember- the rolls were labeled according to the date that they were developed, and apparently this "3/81-B" roll covered from mid 1980- until March 1981 when the snowsled trip took place. ***** Reviewed and scanned 9/07
8/81-A: Vetter Rally at Hurricane Mills, TN trip with Norm Danz. Roll #1 - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
8/81-B: Vetter Rally at Hurricane Mills, TN trip with Norm Danz. Roll #2 - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
9/81-A: Vetter Rally at Hurricane Mills, TN trip with Norm Danz. Roll #3 - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
9/81-B: Vetter Rally, MC trip with Lori, Steam Engine show. - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
12/81 - Duluth Skyline Drive, Halloween, Christmas in Silver Bay. - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
1/82 - Christmas at Wis Rapids -  Reviewed and scanned 9/07
6/82 - Snowsledding with Holmquists, Hays Circle scenes, Mpls Hamfest, Playhouse/Storage Shed  -  Reviewed and scanned 9/07
8/82-A - GmFisher & Lori, Roll #1 of Gore OK Lemans America Camp-in - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
8/82-B - Roll #2 of Gore OK Lemans America Camp-in - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
8/82-C - Roll #3 of Gore OK Lemans America Camp-in - Reviewed and scanned 9/07
10/82 - Lori & Susan at Camp and horseback riding near SB, Amusement Park.  - Reviewed and scanned 10/07
3/83 - Ely-Border Lakes-Sag-Gunflint Snowsled trip, Lori & Susan-Snowmobile. - Reviewed and scanned 10/07
4/83 - Art Fenstad, Dale & I snowsledding near Tofte.  (Can't find last sleeve containing #'s 18-23, which would conain the best image of Ed Tofte, Art and Dale.)
7/83-A, LeMans America - Reno Camp-in - Reviewed and scanned 04/08
7/83-B, LeMans America - Reno Camp-in - Reviewed and scanned 04/08
7/83-C, LeMans America - Reno Camp-in, Lori and Stacy Fluno - Reviewed and scanned 04/08

There are also about 40 negative envelopes of Joyce's negatives in the wooden negative box. (Went through these in Jan 2006. Many of aquarium, some from '98 vacation, some from Lori and Todd's wedding.  All have been reviewed and some were added to the Photoweb.  No further action required.)


Then, finally we get to the loose-leaf notebooks!

Loose-leaf Notebook #1 glassine envelope negative files + proofs:  1984 - 1990

As of 4/14/08 - Now working on scanning in negatives from Notebook #1.  Scanning is complete for the following rolls:

5/84 - South Dakota Trip with Dorothy
9/84 - Moving from Silver Bay, early TN motorcycle riding
6/85 - Elizabethton Marching Band, Lori's confirmation
7/85 - CP/M computer build in VPU case, 1985 Field Day
5/86 - JOCY Study/Workshop, Lori Studying, Picnic, PortaPacket, Pool from JOCY house roof.
9/86 -

Loose-leaf Notebook #2 glassine envelope negative files + proofs:  1991 - Sep 1998

Digital Camera Images from Oct 1998 forward...