Catrike Villager Recumbent Tadpole Trike. 

Stopped riding my two-wheel TREK 930 in December of last year due to balance issues. I bought this Catrike from a  local dealer TTR Bikes and took delivery the end of April.  I thought it would never get here!

My enthusiasm for bicycling returned in spades and 1000 miles were behind me by the end of October.

Trikes with two wheels in FRONT  are termed tadpole trikes because of similarities to the shape and look of that tiny amphibian.

Twenty-inch wheels and 30 gear ratios!
Garden City/ 50th Wedding Anniv

38 Canyon Ct.

Yet another household move 

With Joyce's cornea transplant and my cataract removal surgeries in late 2014 and early 2015, we came to realize that whenever Lori was helping us out with transportation, etc. it would be desirable to eliminate the 40 min one-way trip between our house in north Greenville and Lori and Todd's home on the other side of Greenville.

The end result was that we sold our Summitbluff home in July, and moved into an apartment for four months while a new home was being built for us in the Shoally Ridge subdivision. We moved into the new home in early November. The new house is an easy two mile trip from Lori's family!

Guy Penrod Concert

First Baptist Church - Mauldin hosted a concert in late summer staring Guy Penrod of Gaither Vocal Band fame.

Chelsea was determined to meet him after the concert, and with Miss Dorothy's help she did. Miss Dorothy had attended several previous Guy Penrod concerts and was very familiar with his family and his gospel music.

Guy Penrod and Miss Dorothy

UT760G Interface Project

Its purpose is to allow the Arduino sub-system to read data not easily interfaced to the Arduino Analog inputs, but that is measureable by a UT60G digital multimeter and available via a RS-232 link to it.(e.g. uA, ohms, etc.)

Initial V1 work was accomplished with this fuill sized prototyping board.

V2 was rebuilt on an Arduino shield protoboard, and V3 was a wire-wrapped rebuild on another Arduino shield protoboard. (Still under construction a year later!)


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