Interest in Ham Radio's HT-65 mode peaked again in the early winter months of 2013.

The station was still intact and working well from last year's activity and this year's focus was on working toward the ARRL's Worked All States Award.

Still have six states to go. Its interesting that close-by stations are more difficult to contact than distant ones due to ionospheric "skip".

Picked up the Magnetic Loop antenna project stated last year intending to build an Arduino Board based position controller that would allow azimuth control from a remote location inside the house.

However soon became distracted and instead made some progress developing an Arduino controlled 4-16 vdc, 1A power supply.

Upgraded my old StampPlotPro graphing s/w to the new MakerPlot version to allow unattended plotting of voltage and temperature variables on a PC monitor or printer.


 Hilton Head

The Dunn House where we stayed the last five years was no longer available for rent. Joyce found a new place for us at #12 Spotted Sandpiper Rd, a fine substitute, near to the old Dunn House location and only two lots up from the beach.

When we arrived this year we were surprised to find the Dunn house gone and in its place a new mansion that if available for rent in the future will probably be well outside of our budget!

This photo was taken at the shops surrounding the South Beach Marina while we waited for dinner seating to become available.

I started playing World of Warcraft (WoW) in January 2007 during the last few weeks of our stay at Port St.Joe, FL. Play activity is typically intense for a month or two, then completely absent maybe for many months.

Over the years my two main characters, Rumpletoe and Onetooth, (brothers) have formed a business partnership to make gold, and one of their products is a Flying Machine. One is shown here undergoing pre-sale testing by Rumpletoe prior to being offered for sale. To date (Oct 2013) we have sold eight at auction with prices ranging from 295 to 950g per Machine. 

Rumpletoe has grown into a powerful level 70 Dwarf Hunter and roams the WoW universe mining minerals while fighting off hostile creatures and using his engineering skills (currently level 400) to fabricate products to sell. 

Onetooth at level 14 is also a Dwarf Hunter and runs the business side from Ironforge primarily managing money and materials between the bank, auction house and shipping facility there.

Transportation looks to be a promising area in which to build the business and our next major goal is to be able to manufacture and sell the Mekgineer's Chopper which currently goes for 16,000 - 20,000g at the auction house. It is a highly desirable ride but expensive and rare.  Material acquisition is difficult, and Rumpletoe will have to attain Engineering skill level 450 before he would be qualified for training to build it.


Left: Thanksgiving celebration

Above: Lori and Chelsea near the finish line of the 2013 Turkey Trot 5K in TR.

2013 Hilights:
  • Ham Radio JT65 WAS. (Into March)
  • Library CDs -> Audiobooks
  • Arduino controlled programmable Power Supply
  •  Beaches & Grandkids Video Part 2
  • Win 7 & PLEX -> R61
  • Hilton Head Island week
  •  H61M Windows 8 evaluation


Christmas  (Enlarge)                                                        All of Us...

2013 Christmas Letter: Each one sent was slightly different depending on the recipient, but this one is typical. A separate 4x6" photo of the HHI family image shown above was included. (This One.)
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