Chelsea came to stay with us for a few days in late March. 

Here we are piling up pennies according to the ages of different family members. 

Unfortunately we ran out of pennies for some of the older folk and had to settle for washers.

Spring is in the air! 

While mom was off at a Scrapbooking Weekend Retreat, Todd, Jeremy, Brandon, and Chelsea decided that some miniature golf would be just right for an afternoon activity.

In Todd's words, "... we got off our butt-butt to play putt-putt."



Getting ready for Chelsea's birthday.

Jeremy's birthday present from Dave and Linda
Eating out at The Smokehouse on Hilton Head Island during our annual late spring vacation.  (June 4-11 this year)

Jeremy garnered some one-on-one slight-of-hand training with a Magician that worked the tables here. 

We stayed at the Dunn House as usual with lots of time for beaches, bicycling, visiting Harley and eating ice cream.  


Lunch with Tony and Mayme Beauto in Charlotte - June.  (Enlarge)

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  (Enlarge)

Play Ball! (Enlarge)

Nice Helmet!. (Enlarge)

   Good Buddies


Brandon's Birthday


Christmas - The year of the iPod Touch (Enlarge)



Each Christmas letter this year was uniquely edited except
for cut & pasted common sections.  Here is the letter that was sent to Joe and Mary Nosek.

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