We signed up to rent #1724 Bluff Villas in the South Beach area of Sea Pines. (Ground floor on the right in this photo.)

Braddock Cove is behind us with a small marina on the other side.

Celebrating our retirement, we spent January of 2007 at Port St. Joe and January of 2008 near Daytona Beach. However my (slightly unreasonable) expectations of balmy weather had not been met those two years, and the packing/travel effort didn’t seem worth the payback. We stayed in Alpharetta in January of 2009. 

That didn't feel right either, so we started thinking about going somewhere in January of 2010.  Hilton Head is a favorite spot for us in the spring and fall - what about trying it in January?  Won't be much warmer than Alpharetta, but the bicycling will be better that we found at Port St. Joe and Daytona Beach.

Well... the bicycling WAS better, but January temperatures this year at Hilton Head were significantly below normal! The HIGH on Jan 9th was only 35 deg F. (What wimps we have become since leaving Minnesota!)  On the coldest days, Hilton Head was typically 10 deg warmer than Alpharetta, but we took little comfort in that. (Chart here)

If Joyce had had her way, we would have moved to Greenville or Charlotte the week after I retired in 2006.  But that didn't happen. We listed our Alpharetta house in Feb 2009 and finally received an offer on it one year later. The offer came 2 weeks before I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and we made a quick trip to Greenville to start looking at houses there.  Things fell into place immediately and after several offers and counter offers at both Alpharetta and Greenville and surgery for both Joyce and I, we moved into this house about a mile northwest of Furman University on May 15, 2010. More photos here.

Here is a early photo of the Greenville house using Google Street View probably in the 2007 time frame. 


Just after we moved to Greenville, a Mega-birthday party was held honoring Jeremy who turned 9 on March 6th, Daniel who turned 5 on April 4th, and Chelsea who turned 4 on April 25th.

Photo of Joyce and Chelsea here.

Photo of Linda and Chelsea here.

  • HHI, end of May

Brandon was baptized at First Baptist in Maldin on Father's day and Todd's parents came down from Johnson City to share in the day.
Joyce and I have a lot of new country to explore  - especially the mountains that start not very far north of us. 

This is the lodge at Table Rock State Park just off of Highway 11 and about 20 miles as the crow flies northwest of our house.



We live about a mile from the closest access point for the new Swamp Rabbit Greenway.

Bicycling is great - on the Swamp Rabbit itself and on the many paths available at nearby Furman University. 

Here Paris Mountain provides the backdrop for the Furman Bell Tower.

Lois joined us for a stay at Beachside Tennis Villas on Hilton Head Island in September.  (We rented the first-floor, corner unit shown in the photo). A nice unit which included an outside covered and enclosed stairwell that also functioned as a perfect "bike garage".

The puzzle shown in the photo at right proved to be especially aggravating, but was finally completed after several days of much weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

We again rented beach chairs and umbrellas a practice we started last May.  The weather was perfect all week, so we enjoyed lots of beach time watching the dolphin and shrimp boat activity.


Now that we are here in Greenville, Joyce was able to host the annual Christmas gathering.  As always her dinner was outstanding.  Great food! 

Grandpa and Grandma cozy on the couch. 

More books to read to Chelsea.

2010 Christmas Letter

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