We stayed in Atlanta this January instead of renting a house in Florida as we did for two years previously. The first winter of retirement we stayed on the Gulf side south of Tallahassee and near Daytona Beach during the second winter.  I was a little disappointed in that the weather for bicycling was a little better than here in Georgia, but it wasn't enough better to justify moving there for a month dragging along enough things so as not to get bored. 

However there is something to be said for an occasional change of scenery and by mid-February I had another pretty good case of cabin fever. Finally March got here and I could start working out in the garage again.

We celebrated both Jeremy's (8) and Daniel's (4) birthday in early March, meeting Dave and his family for a picnic at a neighborhood park in Gaffney, S.C.


Chelsea turned 3 on April 25th.  And she has been taking dancing lessons, encouraged by two very supportive brothers.

Hilton Head

We rented the Dunn House again for the week after Memorial Day with the Marks family. Dave's family was staying nearby at the Palmetto Dunes Resort

As the Sandcastle Superintendent, Dave was in charge of all construction activity.


Trek 930 MTB    (June)

After 15 years and 16,000 miles my Trek 930's drive-train was badly worn.  I'd already replaced the chain once, and the rear derailleur once, but now it was finally time for all key components to be replaced. (Front chainwheels, chain, derailleur, and rear cassette)

Because the bike is so old, I couldn't order a replacement for the middle-sized chainwheel, and had to make-do by drilling out the threads on a near-replacement. 

I'm pretty satisfied with with result, shifting and pedaling are smooth again, but I ended up with a cheap, low-end derailleur that might have a short service life.  We'll see.

Goldberg Electra Sailplane   (June)

Inspired by Lee's postings regarding adding spoilers to his Goldberg Electra, I got back to work on mine. First made a 3-bay wide prototype to work out construction details, then proceeded to building an entire new wing. 

I got this far, then one bright morning due to dumb-thumbs, ended up crashing the original Electra into the ground on takeoff.  The original wing survived, but some rebuilding of the nose and R/C component mounting shelves is required.

So - the new spoiler-equipped wing is on hold until the Electra fuselage repairs are complete.

The complete story can be found on RC Groups here


Lori, Jeremy, and Brandon visited Alpharetta in mid-June. The Sky Hike at Stone Mountain was a must-visit new attraction.
In July Joyce and I provided childcare for 2-1/2 days during Lori and Todd's trip back to Silver Bay to attend a High School Reunion.  One of the projects undertaken was to build picture frames that could be used to display artwork or school certificates. 

Chelsea had no trouble getting the glue applied exactly where it needed to be.

Jeremy used his frame to display his Leadership Excellence certificate from school.

When I was a Boy Scout back in the 50'sm, Frank Geisler was the Scoutmaster.  Troop 69 was sponsored by the Immanuel Lutheran church and Frank was always an excellent example of a strong, decent Christian leader for young boys to emulate.

I'd not talked to Frank in perhaps 40 years but we re-established contact after his wife Beverly passed away in August of this year.  We traded several emails and rehashed all the Boy Scout years and activities in one rather long phone call, 

This photo of Frank taken a few weeks after we got reacquainted later at a Geisler family wedding in Indiana.   Great Guy!

Ham Radio

Re-setup the PSK31 station in September after it had been mothballed back in 2004.  Instead of the garage workshop, this time put it in the study over the garage allowing use with the computer systems there and where a warm operating position would be available over the coming winter. 

Also worked a little CW, and got enthused enough to purchase and install a narrow, 250 Hz filter in the Icom-703 pictured here.  Does a great job of cutting interference from adjacent signals. 

Twently meters is not very usable at this time due to low Sun Spot activity, so we are primarily operating on 40m using a Hustler mobile whip antenna mounted on the roof of our Mitsubishi Montero parked in the driveway. 



This is the house (Pat took this photo this year) that Ken and Mildred Fisher built and lived in all of their lives. They built it over the course of a year starting a year before they got married in 1938,

It was sold to the Ratelle sisters after Mom had her stroke and lived at Riverview Manor (about 1997)

I lived there for 18 years, until leaving home for college in 1959, and remember it like this. It was a lot bigger then.

451-13th Ave N
Wisconsin Rapids, WI



We celebrated Christmas at Lori and Todd's house in Greenville again, being somewhat in the middle with us in Alpharetta, and Dave and Linda's family in Charlotte. 

As has become a tradition, Joyce made Christmas Tree Ornaments and special cards for all of the grandchildren which they are proudly showing here. 



The weekend after Christmas, the Marks family visited us in Alpharetta for a few days.

Here Chelsea and Grandpa are watching the Gaither video "I'm Something Special" on Grandpa's Zune (iPod clone).


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