Last January was the first time we had the freedom to go somewhere in January, and we chose Port St. Joe, south of Tallahassee.  It was fine, but this year we thought we would try a little further south. 

Joyce scoured the net and we ended up at #6 Seabreeze Drive in Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona.

We were about 4 houses and on the other side of A1A from the beach. The beach was ok for watching waves and birds and the like, but not too good for walking - too coarse and soft.

Bicycling was ok.  Pretty much just zig-zagging back and forth 0.4 mile on residential streets between A1A on the beach side and John Anderson Drive on the Inland Coastal Waterway side. More photos here...

We're back home in February and Joyce went over to Greenville at the end of the month to help prepare for Jeremy's upcoming seventh birthday party.

She and Chelsea are pretty good buddies

Jeremy turned seven on March 6 and was undisputed top-dog in video game competition..

We rented a villa on Kiawah Island Apr 26 - May 3. (#4501 Parkside) Nice time to be there.  Not too hot, and not yet crowded either. Of the twenty or so units on our cul-de-sac only two or three were occupied.

Thirty miles of bicycle paths provide plenty of opportunities for cycling, and that's in addition to many miles of hard-packed sand on the beach at low tide. (Map)

Joyce spent much of her time hunting alligators.

We were here twice before - once for several days in the mid-70's attending a SIRSA annual meeting, and then a short afternoon visit in the fall of 1999 when Joyce and I were vacationing for a week at a villa on Seabrook Island. (Ok, and once more unofficially bicycling in after helping support the PCS Users Group meet in Charleston in 1997.)

Daniel's Third Birthday was April 4 and the party was a few days later on the weekend.

The Marks, Roberts, and Fisher family were all in attendence.  

One of the special joys coming up here - blow out the candles, then cake for everybody!


Chelsea turned two on April 25 and Lori decided to give her the play-cupboard that Grandpa Fisher (Kenneth W.) had made for her and which Grandma (Mildred) Fisher gave to her at Christmas in 1973.

Joyce spruced it up with a fresh coat of paint and we were all there when she unwrapped it.

Grandpa Fisher also made the stove shown here for Lori.  It was originally the same pale green color as the cupboard, but Lori freshened it up a few years ago and it had been around the Mark's house awhile before Chelsea received the cupboard.

With Lori and Todd's growing family now starting school in mid-August, September trips to the beach are no longer possible.  This year we instead went after the school year - in late May.  

And, instead of our usual place at South Beach, we rented the "Dunn" house, on Sea Pines Drive about a block from the beach near the Conference Center. 

Better wave action here, but the puddles left behind as the tide went out were the main attraction for Chelsea.



Joyce and Lois's trip this year was a xx-day tour of the Canadian Rockies by Rail.  They flew to Seattle, then took a cruise ship to Vancouver where they boarded the train, coming out at Banff on the British Columbia-Alberta border several days later. The photo at left here was taken at Lake Louise and the one on the right at the Athabasca Glacier off the Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper Provincial Parks.
We were invited over to help Dave celebrate his 42nd birthday in July. 

John and Daniel are happy to help anyone celebrate their birthday - not just their own.  After all, we all get a piece of the cake!



We shared a rented beach house on Hilton Head Island with Dave's family in mid September. (12 Surf Scoter Rd). We had a great time. Temperature was in the low 90's the first half of the week, and a very pleasent mid-80's during the last half.
We celebrated Christmas early in December at Lori and Todd's in Greenville again because...

....the Marks family plus Joyce took a trip to Disneyworld in Florida the week before Christmas.

2008 Christmas Letter



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