Dave, Linda, John, and Daniel visited Alpharetta in Feburary

Jeremy turned 5 in early March
Stone Mountain

Lori, Jeremy, and Brandon visited Alpharetta also in March. Jeremy had been wanting to return to Stone Mountain after a previous fun trip there with Aunt Vicki.

Chelsea was due in April, so March seemed like a good time - rain or no rain in the forecast.  We had a good time.  The little rain that did fall was warm.

This was the first time Joyce and I had been to the top - just a short (maybe 8 min) cable car ride from the station at the bottom. 

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Although dreamed of, radio controlled model airplanes were much too complex and expensive when I was interested in free-flight and U-control models in the 50's. But now.... 50 years later - maybe!

The Slow Stick is a simple foam and stick trainer and my first attempts at flight with it were in late March.  I had thee charged batteries for a planned three flights.  Only got in two, both less than 10 sec, and the damage from the 2nd crash precluded a third. 

But repair was possible, and after six more sessions of short launch and crash flights, I was finally able to fly simple circular patterns until each of the three batteries I had were fully drained. (Each battery provided an 8-10 min flight.)  Its been fun from there on...

Daniel's first birthday was April 4, but we went to Charlotte about a week early to celebrate.


 Chelsea's arrival is just around the corner. Joyce went over mid-April to help prepare.

Here she is!  April 25, 2006.  More photos here.

The Joe Nall is an annual major model airplane event in the Southeast held in May on the estate of Pat Hartness near Greenville, SC.

Mr. Hartness owns Hartness Industries, a manufacturer of food processing conveyor systems, and has a long standing and intense interest in both full-size and model airplanes.

I'd heard of it years ago, but attended for the first time this year. No little, electric park flyers here...

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Dave, Linda, John and Daniel joined us at Bluff Villas on Hilton Head Island the last week of May. 


The Tug
Went back to the Triple Tree Aerodome in August to attend an "Aerotow Event" Was not quite sure what to expect. 

Remembering experiences at the Joe Nall earlier in the year, I got there early - around 8:30 am.  The grounds were deserted! Just an old hound dog that Mr. Harness keeps around the "country store" shed near his hanger. He was friendly enough, but he could not tell me anything.

Finally an hour or so later, the first SUV rolled up and that fellow inside explained to me that this event has none of the size or clamor of the Joe Nall, and besides, thermal activity required for sailplanes like those expected here don't get started until later in the day - maybe around noon.

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In August, Dave had an operation on his shoulder and was not supposed to lift anything (especially a small boy) for at least six weeks.  Joyce went over to Charlotte to help out where she could and found these two guys more than willing to keep her busy.
Our annual Hilton Head Vacation in September rolled around again and we were joined by the Marks family.  We stayed at #9 Lands End which has become favored as we had also stayed there the year before.  Right on the beach (Calibogue Sound actually - around the point from true ocean beach), close to the South Beach Marina and the parrots, etc.

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We meet in the middle for Christmas
2006 Christmas Letter

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