Jeremy baked a Birthday cake for Grandma


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Jeremy and I collaborated on a number of projects early in the year.

We had not seen Wally (Walid) Mourad since leaving National Electrostatics in 1968, and had never met his wife Najat. 

They were in Atlanta for a wedding in May and on our way out of town for a 2 week vacation at Hilton Head, we stopped for brunch with them.

Wally is 68 and works for the FDA in Baltimore, MD, insuring that mammographic diagnostic x-ray machines comply with government standards.

Wally's Christmas 2004 Family Photo

U of W High Vacuum Lab in 1965



Daniel, our fourth grandchild was born April 4!
The TVA Hydro Automation project is winding down.  The 8-year project started in 1997 and will complete by the end of 2005. 

Two years ago our team peaked at 16 people, 5 or 6 typically working in the Alpharetta office and the rest in the field at TVA Hydro Plants. 

In July 2005 only Jerome Smith as the Hardware Design Engineer, Lola Reece as the Project Administrator, and myself as the Project Manager were left in the Alpharetta office. And we subsequently moved into what used to be a small conference room as Siemens personnel for other buildings in the North Atlanta area relocated to the SWPC building off McFarland Road.

It was a little tight - but we made it work! : - )

Daniel was baptized in August

More baptism photos here
We've come to like staying in the South Beach area of Sea Pines and have rented one of the units at Bluff Villas on several occasions.  This row of houses (duplexes actually) nearby  on Lands End Rd are ideally situated for beach/water access, dolphin watching, sunset viewing, and keeping track of the shrimp boats in the fall.

Except for thinking they were nice, I never  paid much attention to them.  But this year, Joyce picked one for our stay. Very Nice!  

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Lori's birthday in October.

2005 Christmas Letter

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