Jeremy Todd Marks arrived at 1:53 pm on Tuesday, March 6th. 

His induction was scheduled for Tuesday and plans were for Joyce, Nancy and Jim to drive down to Columbia that morning.   But forecasted snow and a concern for crossing Sam's Gap in the early morning hours forced a change of plans to go down a day earlier. Good thing. When I went down Tuesday afternoon the roads were clear, but there was plenty of snow on the mountain.

When I arrived at the hospital, Beth, Lori's good friend and fellow PT was there along with Todd.  I was surprised to find this wonderful little fellow sleeping peacefully on the bed beside Lori instead of in his separate little bed in the room. Joyce, Jim and Nancy had left for dinner prior to coming back later for a short evening visit.  More Photos

Praise the Lord! What a miracle a child is!    

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DSCN0495_w.jpg (56115 bytes) This is three weeks later.  Joyce and Jeremy hit it off together pretty well right from the start.

Jeremy is not yet all that interested in the new world that he has entered.  Snoozing is fine and passes the time from one feeding to the next.

Another snooze photo with Grandma

Lois came down in late June to see what all the excitement was about. 

August - 5 mo.



Its September and we are at Outer Banks. I'm just starting a new job and can only stay a few days.  Pat and Jack Fluno came down for a week.  Lois planned to come down, but air travel is impossible right now.  (Just after 9-11)

Jeremy is 6 months old and it appears that he can have fun with anybody.

Another with Grandpa.

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Thanksgiving 2001 - Lori, Todd and Jeremy are in temporary townhouse quarters while their new home in Greenville is being built a few miles away.

Dave, Linda and Toby also came down to help celebrate.

Joyce got this happy shot.  

Another group photo.



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2001Christmas500.jpg (106390 bytes) Christmas 2001 - When SE&A's PCS7 group in Johnson City was relocated to Spring House, PA, Joyce and I decided to go there only as a last resort. This turned out not to be necessary and we were grateful for a new opportunity with Voith Siemens (Previously Siemens Westinghouse) in Alpharetta, GA.

I started on Sept 4, and we moved into our new house on October 15th.

So, this year family Christmas was celebrated in Alpharetta, Dave and Linda coming from Charlotte, and Lori, Todd and Jeremy from Greenville, SC.

More Christmas Photos

2001 Christmas Letter (In 2001, we start with this brief letter, then personalized it slightly according to the recipient.)

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