Wayne King was a good buddy when I was in High School in Wisconsin Rapids and later in Madison when we were both students at  the Univ of Wisconsin.

His Van de Graaff generator inspired me to gain a deeper appreciation of science fair level projects in High School, and neither of us missed Martin Garner's Amateur Scientist column as published in Scientific American every month.

We lost touch after college but somehow reconnected years later and he and Lorraine visited us in Johnson City in '98.

And we got together again in Madison a year later.

 The 3rd annual PCS User Group meeting was held in June in Cincinnati OH,

Lynne Hay, myself and Al Krause in this photo.

Al and I had responsibility for developing and marketing special add-on devices (remote terminals, radio links, optical drives, etc) for the standard Siemens PCS control system product.

User Group meetings were important occasions for us to get some publicity for our products.
A particularly interesting project Al and I had in Johnson City was initial configuration and hosting factory acceptance testing of control equipment for the TVA Hydro Automation project.

Little did I know here in 1998 that in four years (as an alternative to moving back up north to Spring House, PA) we would be living in  Georgia and my new job would be to manage this very TVA  project out of the Siemens Power office in Alpharetta!  Al opted to retire to Phoenix, AZ.
Fourteen years after leaving the North Shore for Tennessee, Joyce and I decided a trailer-camping trip back to some of our favorite campgrounds in Northern MN would be enjoyable.

We rented the camper in Wisconsin Rapids, and camped at Lax Lake near Silver Bay, Sawbill Lake, Fall Lake near  Ely and Sea Gull Lake at the end of the Gunflint trail.

Sawbill Campsite
Cooking Diner.


While in Silver Bay, a chance conversation with Bob Lee and Ray Pechek on Bob's front lawn planted a seed in my mind that sprouted and grew into a Reserve Mining Co Alumni web site. Its intent was to preserve memories of happening and friendships that drew us together in the 60's and 70's.

I managed and hosted it until we relocated to Alpharetta in 2001. At that time Charles "Timer" Furness agreed to take over hosting responsibility.

Timer passed away in 2005, but the site is still available (as of Dec 2014) at this link.

Our first one-week stay in a rented beach house on Outer Banks was in 1996. We found this "Jaeger House" in '98, liked it a lot, and continued coming back here for four years, through 2001.

Then in 2002 due to a reservation mix-up related to our relocation from Johnson City, TN to Alpharetta, GA, we started taking summer beach vacations at Hilton Head instead of Outer Banks - Better bicycling and closer! 

This is Jockey's Ridge, the tallest natural sand dune on the east coast. It is near Nags Head on North Carolina's Outer Banks. On vacations there, we would hike to the top and watch the kite-flyers and hang-gliders. It is also a great place to watch the sunset to the west over Roanoke Sound.

We used this photo once to enclose with our Christmas card to send to all our friends up North!
We traded the black Nissan Pickup with the topper for this1997 GMC Jimmy in September.

Just a day or two later I took it to the Shelby Hamfest in North Carolina, and remember that trip like it was yesterday. Carted all sort of Ham Radio gear along that I hoped to sell and slept in the back.

Dave, Linda, and Toby
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