Celebrating Joyce's February birthday at Dave and Linda's in Charlotte.
Spent a lot of hours here.  This Gateway 2000 is my 2nd Microsoft Windows (3.1?) Computer and was preceded by several Z-80 CP./M and 6502 microprocessor based machines.

The rest of the garage was mostly a mechanical workshop. One interesting project was salvaging my Dad's late-60's vintage wood-working bandsaw, adding a table and gearing it down for metal cutting. As I write this in 2014, it is still in garage and still used routinely. 

In November Lori and Todd Marks were married at the Piney Flats Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN.  The future seemed uncertain when they became engaged in February.  Lori loved her job in Columbia SC, and Todd had a good job at the bank in Charlotte, two hours away.

But after a few months Todd found an excellent employment opportunity in Columbia. Then things moved rapidly. He started the new job in August, they bought a home, and married in November!

More Wedding photos

Lori and Todd's first home in Columbia, SC.
Joyce kept many freshwater and saltwater aquariums over the years.  Ths one was the largest.
1997 Christmas Letter here.  



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