Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.  Johnson City, TN

Not sure if this photo is from 1994 or not.  '94 seems close.  This would be when the System Product Tech Support group was combined with the Software Quality group.

Back-to-front, Left-to-Right:
Dave Mixon, Mark Priest, Chris ???, ???, ???
Dean Norfleet, Terry Archer, John Cannon Ken Fisher, Debby Steffey, Richard Smith, ???
Wayne Cantrell, Ed Elliott, Scott Trivett, Dave Jones, Lynn Hay
Harry Brian, Cathy Marsh, Dallas Lingerfeldt

The valve lifters started clacking on Blueglide,  my main touring/road bike. I made a mistake in contracting a friend to work on it at his "almost" shop in Elizabethton.

He made little progress and finally it was still broke and Sturgis was only a week away! So instead, I ended up trailering the Sportster to the Black Hills that year. On the way, I stopped in Two Harbors to visit Jim Christensen an old buddy from Silver Bay. (Enlarge)

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More photos here (eventually).

Made the trip up to the HD York factory againin September, and this year took a lot of pictures. (However so far, only this one is posted.)

Also toured the Civil War Gettysburg  battlefield on the way to York.  Kind of a rainy, cool few days, but stayed comfortable wearing a rain suit and occasionally the electric vest. Short trip: 5 days, 1250 miles.

Trip Log here

The rest of the factory photos will eventually be found here.


We'd lived in Johnson City now for 10 years and still had not seen much of the East Coast.  So Joyce and I decided fix that.  We traveled up I-81 then cut east stopping at the Natural Bridge in VA before continuing on through Richmond to Newport News, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach where we stopped at various touristy points of interest and aquariums.  

Then headed south where we found this ship (enlarge) in the Roanoke Island area then continued on for our first visit to Kitty Hawk and North Carolina's Outer Banks.  Continued on the US-12, the only road there.  After reaching the village at the southern tip of Ocracoke Island settlement, took the ferry to the mainland and headed home. 

Dave and Linda, Christmas '94 (Enlarge)

Mom Fisher and Lori  (Enlarge)

Ken J and Mom Fisher  (Enlarge)


Joyce, Dorothy and Lori  Enlarge

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