With Lori moving to Nashville in May to complete the last two years of her Physical Therapy degree at Tennessee State University - the nest in Johnson City is empty.  It brought some comfort to us that she was not alone in the big city.  She and Michelle Ballard shared an apartment in west Nashville, near the I-40 Charlotte Pike exit about 8 miles from TSU.
Under the new Siemens ownership, Henry Vogelgesang (2nd row, 2nd from right) had responsibility for the three subgroups that made up Automation Technical Services:  Gary Sinclair's PLC support group, John McCunis's Chicago-based Machine Tool support group and my System Product support group. 

To build a team spirit, Henry called an all-ATS group meeting to be held in Johnson City


Wayne Cantrell, Mike Aldridge, and Scott Trivett

Lori's new wheels

Visiting Dave at Winston Salem and Lori near Nashville.
The Jasper/Banff Provincial Parks in western Canada were the destination for this year's bike trip. This is the second year that I've owned the bike and hopefully the electrical problems experienced at the end of last year's trip to New England and Eastern Canada are a thing of the past. This was a 7488 mile trip over 23 days.

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