Dave's ' 88 Beretta  (Enlarge)

Lori's Nissan Pulsar (First Car!)  (Enlarge)
I enjoyed several opportunities to take company-sponsored one-week training classes  at Learning Tree International's facility located at Tyson's Corner near Washington D.C.  The additional attraction for me was to be able to bicycle every night after class along the Washington &Old Dominion bike path from near my motel down to the Capitol mall and back.

Great ride, and something was always going on at the mall.  (Enlarge)

Lori and I drove down to Daytona Beach to meet Joyce and Dorothy who where coming home from a bus trip.  Driving on the beach is allowed, but some fellows there found that you really should stay out of the water! While there, we were able to tour the  NASA facility and to have dinner one evening with Charlie Taminga, Dorothy's brother.


Norm and Joan Danz   (Enlarge)

Inspired by last year's bike trip through some of the western states, the theme this year was to follow as much as possible on modern roads, the old Oregon Trail used by pioneers in the 1800's to find a new life in he vast unsettled American West.

Also planned was a Springfield, IL rendezvous with Norm and Joan Danz, co-worker and friends from Silver Bay.

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