1989 Bike Trip (OK, NM, CO, UT, ID, MT, ND...)

Travel direction was clockwise from Johnson City, TN. 


View from the 1 mi rim walk of extinct El Capulin Volcano in NE New Mexico.  (Last eruption: 10,000 years ago.)


After the storm in New Mexico.  I first thought white material on the road with tire tracks through it was snow, but it
turned out to be hail - pebble size hail.  An hour or so later you can still see the mantle of white on the mountain at left.

This is Engineer Mountain according to one of the programmers at TI who later saw the picture and proclaimed that
she grew up in the shadow of that mountain.  Her description of the location seemed to jib with where I was when the
photo was taken, so I guess she must be right. 




Promontory Point north of Salt Lake City. (Site of the Transcontinental Railroad Golden Spike.)


Followed the Salmon River  (a.k.a. The river of no return.) through central Idaho.  Very hot ride and could not resist
stopping for a swim. 


Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Road.


Then back to Johnson City via North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. .

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