Texas Instruments Industrial Systems Division
George Nevin's Process Control Systems group
Not positive of the year, but 1989 is close. For sure it was prior to the Siemens acquisition of the Johnson City division  Texas Instruments.  Left to right, all rows:

Terry Metzgar, Rick Beane, Fred Raines, Dave Mixon, George Nevin, Keith Bryant, Rick Newman, Frank Garrabrant, Ken Fisher (then from back to front) Larry Jansen, Dick Jank, Jim Gremillion, (left to right again) Dennis Brandl, Kurt Kominck, Hugh Johnson, John Cannon, Bill West, (back to front again) unknown, Greg Noll, Chris Foran, and Shirley Jeffreys

Ham Radio Field Day.  Barry Ornitz, WA4VZQ working Porta-Packet, one of the early digital modes (after RTTY) to be used in Amateur Radio.  The location is again Holston Mountain and the annual event is pretty much manned by a loosely coordinated group of hams from Texas Instruments in Johnson City and Eastman Chemical in Kingsport.

Field Day is a nation-wide event always held during the third weekend in June with the idea being to demonstrate and practice communication techniques operating from emergency power sources. (Enlarge)

Colorao National Monument Drive  Enlarge 
'89 Bike trip:  Approximating early pioneer routes west as a bike trip theme didn't start until next year.  The idea this year was just to make a large loop through the wide-open spaces of many of the western states, soaking up as much culture and history as possible.

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