One Tennessee winter was all it took to make it clear that a more comfortable work space than just an unheated garage space would be needed for ham radio or computer construction activity. Hired a guy to frame an area about 2/3 the size of a vehicle stall. He also put up the drywall and I taped, sanded and painted it.  Much Better. 

The computer on the left is one of the scavaged and rebuilt VPU-200 PLC programmers that now ran applictions under CP/M.... A C-compiler, spreadsheet program, and Word Perfect.  Plus it made a great terminal for ham radio packet activity. The monitor on the right is a Heathkit serial terminal which eventually was sold.

More garage-shop and project photos here.

Rhododendron festival, Roan Mtn, late June


Field Day at Holston Mtn again.  Ron Kyles and John Ray. Photos from previous year here.

The Lemans America (Suzuki Owners Organization) rally was held this year at Point Mallard Park, near Decatur, Alabama.

The Shelby Hamfest, held each year on Labor Day weekend was a big deal for hams in the Southeast US, and second only to Dayton for "boneyard bargains". 

A loosely knit caravan of TI ham radio and computer enthusiasts always made the trip. That's Steve Kasten, Barry Orinitz's buddy from Eastman in Kingsport in the chair.

Informal TI group expedition to Dennis Cove near Hampton, TN.

Gerald Pfeiffer, Norman Ma, Kathy Malnick (maybe), and John Fletcher.

The picnic was at Norma Hayes' relative's cabin near the campground.

A hike down to a waterfall along the Appalachian Trail was also included in the order of the day.

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