Big changes this year.  After 15 years in Silver Bay, it was clear that continuing to build a career and support a family were no longer going to be easy (or perhaps even possible) working for Reserve Mining Company.  In October '83 at an ISA show in Houston I met Bob Whittinger through buddy John Koster . Bob worked for Texas Instruments and was in the process of relocating from Dallas to Johnson City, TN. Found out that the TI factory there was hiring people with Honeywell TDC2000 experience, interviewed at Thanksgiving, and received an offer to start in January of '84.

In the spring of "84 we went on a vacation with Dorothy to S. Dakota to see among other things the area where she had lived as a little girl. The town was called Red Owl and was about 50 miles NE of Rapid City.  (I believe that I  mispronounced it "Red Eye" a few times but Dorothy always knew when to ignore me.) Donald had told me of an earlier time they tried the same trip, but being a wet season, got
stuck in South Dakota's famous gumbo and never made it to the old Red Owl townsite.  Although I don't recall it, at the time of the trip I must have been working at TI in Johnson City, and Joyce, Dave & Lori still living in Silver Bay.  The yellow store above was about a mile from where we determined that the old Taminga homestead must have been located.  That is our first second car parked out front..... a wimpy, yellow Ford Escort station wagon we bought so Joyce could keep the 4WD Suburban for winter transportation in Silver Bay while I took the Escort to Tennessee. 

We found a house in the Martindale Estates subdivision about 2 miles from the TI plant.  In the 17 years we lived there the  trees grew a lot. Part of the initial attraction was the neighborhood pool directly across the street which eventually became a liability due to weekend parking congestion and kids shouting "Marco - Marco - Polo" hundreds, maybe thousands of times on sunny, Sunday afternoons.


Dave graduated from High School and will be heading off for Moorehead State near Fargo, ND next September.

Hard to say Good-bye

All but the last guy are "TI Road Rider" members in good standing and frequent participants in weekend jaunts along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Charlie Crawford leading the way here.

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