We didn't know it at the time, but this winter of 1982/1983 was last our family was to spend in the Northland.  It was the last winter we would gas up all four snowmobiles on a weekend and hit the trails with friends to find a place to roast hot dogs over a fire that slowly sunk into the snow... The last winter it would be necessary to get up early to crank up the snowblower so we could get out of the driveway and head down to work or school or wherever...  The last winter we would have any use at all for snowshoes or cross-country skis. (Although they are still in our attic as I write this 24 years later in the relatively balmy November weather of Alpharetta, Georgia...... waiting patiently for a day that almost certainly will never come ......)  
And this winter of '82/'83 was also the occasion of the most ambitious and memorable snowsled trip that we would undertake  Three days or following snowmobile trails through some of most beautiful winter wonderland scenery the north country has to offer... Silver Bay -> Ely -> Along Border Lakes to Big Sag -> Down the Gunflint Trail -> Grand Maris -> Silver Bay

This is Dorothy Molter's cabin on Knife Lake.  Everyone stopped there in summer or winter to see and maybe talk to the grand old lady of the Boundry Waters Canoe Area   (www.rootbeerlady.com)

That's our new Ski-Doo at left there in the foreground with the blue bedroll on top. Nice sled!



Somewhere along the way we met a contingent from Grand Maris - headed more or less to the same places that we were. All of the old timers knew each other and during travel stops, much time was spent discussing items of great importance.

The complete trip narrative can be found here

Lori and Susan Burge were good friends.   Enlarge
Lake Tahoe was the site of the 1983 Lemans America National Camp-in.  This is the Minnesota contingency waiting for the awards ceremony to start.

More photos to be added later

Trip Log here

Lori and Stacy Fluno   Enlarge

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