Snowsledding with the Holmquist family.

 That's Joyce on her new Ski-Doo and Lori is sitting on the Elan that we bought from one of David's friends for $50 as a fixer-upper. My Ski-Doo is up ahead of Lori.  Don't know where the Artic Cat was.  Maybe Dave went somewhere else on it with his friends.

Lori and Julie Holmquist doing a little joy-riding (joy-sledding?).

Joyce showin' off her new sled.


A lot of families burned wood for winter-time heat at that time as the county issued free permits to cut firewood on many tracts near Silver Bay. If you had a trailer and a chainsaw, you were all set. 

We didn't have wood stove heat in the house, but I had a home-made barrel stove in the garage workshop, which when fully stoked, got the temperature up to 70 deg on a below-zero day, even though the garage walls were only un-insulated metal! 

Spent many happy evenings out there working on snowsleds or electronics projects.


Lori and I made a deal.  I would build a playhouse for her if she would let me keep my motorcycle in it over the winter months.  I believe we discussed it for some time before I finally got started on it during the summer of '82

The motorcycle was too big to maneuver through the door, so instead the entire right wall of the  playhouse was removable, and the bike could be taken in or out using a small ramp between the floor and the ground.


I rode my motorcycle down to Wisconsin Rapids in early July, then drove back to Silver Bay with Mom in Mom's car. 

Here, two weeks later,  we took a brief rest stop at a park while driing back to WR.  Our usual stop was at Coby, Wisconsin, but this seems to be somewhere else.

After arriving WR, I continued my bike trip to the Lemans America Camp-in at Gore, OK while Lori and Joyce visited Joyce's Mom.

Not sure how Joyce and Lori got back to Silver Bay.  Maybe drove back with Dorothy?


Lori and Susan Burge at Camp Vermillion.
This is Nick,  who was a number of years my senior, but who became a good friend and future riding partner after we met at the Lemans America Annual Camp-In at Gore, OK.

Lemans America was a national Suzuki owners group with particular emphasis on road-riding and motorcycle touring. 

The next year we met in Oklahoma and rode out to the camp-in which was at Reno, NV that year. Stayed at his son's house in California and saw lots of beautiful country out there.

More photos of the Gore Camp-In here.


Lori, Susan, and I decided to go horseback riding up near Lutsen one weekend. Long story short - Horses spooked, and trail guide ended up on the ground unable to get up.  Called rescue squad from neaby farm house. All ended well though.  The guide was taken to the hospital, but released later that day with only cuts and bruises.  Enlarge

Bob and Mary Lou Lee hosted a neighborhood Christmas party most years.

Some remembered names: Oxberry,. Saunders, Flanigan, Hemmersbaugh, Nass, Virant, Johnson, Matchett, Malmo.

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