Big Sag Snowmobing - Quite a number of employees at Reserve's R&D division were good friends away from work also and enjoyed occasionally getting away for weekend snowsled trips together. In March it was starting to warm up a bit, and a trip was planned to explore some of the border lakes at the end of the Gunflint trail. 

Irv Benson was well known to several in the R&D group and lived on an island in Sagnana Lake with his Indian wife Tempest. He supplemented his trap line income by renting some of his quite rustic woodstove-heated cabins to snowmobilers like us.  

 Here Kathy Holmquist is sitting on her little Elan (SkiDoo) and Joyce is enjoying the scene propped against our Artic Cat.

More photos here.

Lori and I went on a motorcycle camping trip to northwestern Minnesota.

Our campground here was on a  bay on Lake Vermillion north of Tower Sudan.



Coming on an old tractor and steam engine show on a weekend ride south of Duluth was a pleasant surprise.

A great variety of engines of all sizes were on display, most in working order.  Full size tractors too!

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Vetter Rally - Its August now. In April I had moved up from my little red GT-380 Suzuki to a new, shaft-drive GS-850, a full-fledged road-touring bike. Norm Danz had just bought it's twin, and we were itching to go somewhere! We heard that the Vetter fairing and saddlebag company was sponsoring a rally at the Loretta Lynn Dude Ranch in Hurricane Mills, TN - and that took care of determining the destination. 

Norm had equipped his bike with a blue Vetter fairing, mine was the same but white. I also had Vetter bags, but for now, just a homemade wooden box for a "trunk".  (Which was finally replaced with a Vetter fiberglass trunk a year or so later after I tired of the ribbing I was getting about the dorky wooden box.)

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Minnesota Point from the Skyline Drive at
Duluth, MN.

The ship canal and the aerial lift bridge rare easily visible near the center of the photo.


Christmas 1981
Silver Bay, MN


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