This photo might have been more my idea than Lori's. The wood is for the barrel stove in the uninsulated metal garage-workshop that kept it toasty warm on the coldest days. Enlarge

We liked to hike in the hills behind the townsite of Silver Bay.  Here Lori and I are up above the Hays Circle area, near the "second" water tower on a sunny day in late spring.  Smoke from the Reserve Mining plant on the lakeshore can be seen in the distance.  Enlarge
We camped at Fenske Lake and at Echo Lake (just north of Ely, MN) with Grandma Fisher during the summer of 1980.

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Dave and I decided to take a week in mid-August to explore a portion of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA)  accessible from Sawbill Landing at the end of the Sawbill Trail, about 60 miles north of our little town of Silver Bay. The BWCA is a strict no-motors, paddle-only Wilderness area, rich in pure deep-blue lakes, acres of pine and birch forests, and unprecedented quiet and solitude. Portages have existed since Native Americans first explored in the area, and are typically short - many being of a half-mile or less. Perfect canoe country!

We left Silver Bay on a bright Monday morning and by mid-afternoon were already one portage in looking for a campsite.

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After Dad died in '73 and until we moved to Tennessee in 1984, once or twice a year Grandma Fisher drove up by herself to visit us in Silver Bay.  

She appears comfortable and enthused here, but I know that motorcycles were not particularly high on her list of good things.


You can see Palisade Head in the distance (with  a just-discernable radio tower on it)  The photo is taken from Shovel point. 

We used to go there a lot, but Koyuk is gone now and these hikes are not as enjoyable as they used to be when he provided good company for the trip.


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