I attended annual SIRSA (Special Industrial Radio Service Assoc) meetings for several years on Reserve Mining's behalf and in '79 it was held at Disneyworld in Florida.  Enlarge

This was probably the first real bike trip I'd taken. Went up to the Lake Winnepeg area with Norm and Kenny Danz, and Jerry Rude. Main memory here is having to disassemble the oil injection system on my GT-380 in the parking lot of a Forestry Service facility at International Falls to clean a line restricted by what appeared to be sawdust. The bike used a 2-cycle injected oil system and was threatening to seize up due to lack of lubrication. Got it fixed and the problem never came back... Apparently due to a contaminated oil supply.

Norm had to work on his bike a few days later also. 

At the end of the trip we split, and I camped the last night at Fall Lake "close by Ely".


This year we rented an A-Frame cabin at Gunflint Lake when we went camping with Grandma Fisher.  Took our 14' Pintail sailboat along also.
In 1979 we fully expected to spend the rest of our lives in Silver Bay. I went ahead a built a hamshack/electronics shop area in the front part of the "first" basement.

I was pleased with the result, and spent many enjoyable hours there continuing to enhance the 6502 Microcomputer system and work on ham radio projects.

As it turned out, we only stayed in Silver Bay another five years. 

Main Electronics Work Bench
6502 Microprocessor side.
Later Heathkit RS-232 Terminal

Reserve's Milepost 7 project was now really starting to take off.  Here Mike Stradski is sitting at the Honeywell TDC-2000 operator's console in the new Main Plant Concentrator control room.

More Milepost 7 project photos here.


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