After years of uncertainty related to Reserve Mining's practice of dumping Taconite tailings into Lake Superior, agreement was finally reached to undertake a $360M plant modernization project which included on-land tailings disposal at a location behind the Silver Bay townsite that became known as Milepost 7.

Significant plant automation was included in the project and this necessitated many work coordination trips to Honeywell facilities in Phoenix, AZ and the Kaiser Engineers office in San Francisco over the next few years.

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Camping at Dick and Maggie King's cabin.  Dave in the center there with the hot dog.  Dick King made pretty good progress on his canoe paddle during our stay.

Fishing was good.

This is the beginnings of a 6502 microprocessor system that eventually supported an S-100 expansion bus, custom monitor in EPROM, 16K RAM (!) and eventually a homebrew Disk Operating System based on an article in BYTE magazine. It supported BASIC, FORTH, and of course 6502 Assembler.

The Heathkit terminal at the center of the photo is just a "glass teletype" that communicates using ASCII characters with the main processor board shown at upper right.


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