On Jan 19th, we celebrated Koyuk's 8th birthday.
Not sure where we got the idea, but we made the multicolored kit of stick and disc pieces which could be used to make designs on the brown fiberboard backing. Each piece had one or two holes drilled in it so they could be fastened to the fiberboard with a  hammer and small wire nails. 


George Guillaume invited us to share a snowsledding weekend at his mother's cabin over near Hibbing. 

Here we are anxious to get going.  That's Lori in front on our Artic Cat with Kristy Guillaume behind her.

When they were born, Kristy and Lori were nursery-mates at the Two Harbors hospital with Lori the older of the two by a few hours.

Snowsledding was a big deal in Silver Bay in the mid-70's. Saturday or Sunday afternoon picnics were the rule for most of the winter.

In photo: Mary Nosek - blue hat.  Joe Wright and Goerge Guillaume - way in back. Kay and Mike Stradski - center.  Joanne Guillaume - red headband.  Dave Fisher - kneeling. Paul Wahlstrom - yellow sweater.

Another photo of Dave and Lori at a family snowsled picnic here.



Carrolton Peak is just off Hwy 61 between Silver Bay and Grand Marais.

That's where Wayne Fenstead, Frank Dickson, and I headed when the annual Amateur Radio Field Day contest rolled around in June.

The purpose of Field Day is to test and demonstrate "emergency preparedness" by successfully operating an amateur radio station independent of commercial power.

We used a simple battery powered 2 meter FM station with an 8-element 2m beam antenna rotated by an "Armstrong" rotor (Wayne Fenstad's arms).

Great view of Lake Superior in the background!  


The Beaver River, especially upstream of the Hwy 61 bridge was a great place to explore, jumping from rock to rock and all the while trying to keep your feet dry.  The hardest part was keeping up with the young folk.

Dave and I decided to take a motorcycle trip across northern Minnesota to North Dakota.

Two-up riding with all camping gear was a full load for the little Suzuki.  I had a do-it-yourself trunk made of wood on the back carrier (got a lot of ribbing on it - definitely not cool) that held cooking gear and other misc items.  Clothes were in he saddlebags, tent over the trunk, and one sleeping bag over each saddlebag. 

Don't remember how long we were gone - 5 or 6 days maybe.

Made it!



Dave and Paul King at Camp Miller near Duluth.

After Grandpa Fisher passed away in 1973, we started inviting Grandma Fisher to come along on one of our camping vacations each year.

We would rent a pop-up camper (Bethany) From Bill Mensing at Beaver Bay Sports, take a few tents along also, and go. 

This year we went around Lake Superior.  In 1972, after camping with Joyce's folks at Sibley near Thunder Bay, Ontario; Dave and I had made the same trip while the rest of the family went down around Duluth and back to Wisconsin Rapids. Now 5 years later, we were going to do it again, but this time with Grandma Fisher, Joyce, and Lori along.

Not sure where this photo was taken, but adjoining photos on the roll of film are of the Houghton, Michigan area.

More photos here....


Special occasion meals at Grandma Fisher's were held in Pats old bedroom.  At the time I didn't appreciate how much work it must have taken to set all of the places there, bring the warm food in, and then after it is all over, haul out and wash all of the dirty dishes.
Looks to me like Grandpa Piltz just got in another zinger here!

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