J Birthday.jpg (80013 bytes) Donald and Dorothy came up to visit for Joyce's birthday in February.
Snowsledding always included stops to grill hot dogs, slide down hills with the sleds, or dig holes in a snowbank and just hang out.

This is Lori and I believe, Kristi Guillaume.

snowbank.jpg (53773 bytes)
BedtimeReading.jpg (75458 bytes) Bed Time Reading.
It's summer already and we are camping with Wrights and Wagners in Canada. To get here you had to follow the northshore, cross the border above Grand Portage, then take a road through the wilderness west past Whitefish Lake and on to Arrow Lake. 

Joe like to fish on Whitefish and I think he caught a few.  I don't recall so much as a nibble.  

Camping ith Wrights_w.jpg (89414 bytes)
Surburban.jpg (88485 bytes) We were pretty proud of our new  4WD '76 Surburban and anxious to try it out on any and all roads. 

Eventually we mounted a large luggage rack on the roof, that in combination with a few 2 x 4's, held the canoe nicely up off of the roof. 

But starting with just these cushions, it was hard getting it up there without denting or scratching our new vehicle.

Grand Portage was a favorite place to stop. This is a new lodge built in the image of the old one that had burned to the ground several years before. Indian women from the nearby reservation sat peacefully in the lodge, weaving beads and baskets as they must have for hundreds of years.

This is where the boat left for Isle Royal, 22 miles off shore.  One regret I have is that we never made the trip.

gp_w.jpg (49382 bytes)
Totem & Lori.jpg (54214 bytes) The totem pole photo was at the Beaver Bay Park/Playground.  This reminds me of two years later when we came back to this park.  I had just gotten over pneumonia and Lori had just gotten over the flu.  We were both overjoyed to just be out in the warm sun and fresh air and feelin' good again.  

The photo at right  was taken at the Two Harbors waterfront.

R84-17 Lori.jpg (27774 bytes)
R85-14 Ham Corner.jpg (62078 bytes) Last year's photo shows the ham gear back in a smaller room which was eventually turned into a bedroom.   Here the gear has been moved out into the main part of the upper basement.   A few years later this area was enclosed and finished off.  Ham Radio and Radio Teletype operation continued to be the passion at this time.

Model 15 TTY close-up.

This visit to Ft. William was was either a side trip while camping at Sibley Provincial Park, or on the way to or from the Park.

Many boats were here in various states of construction.  Of the type used by the voyageurs in the fur trading heydays along what are now the boundary water lakes between the United States and Canada.

The aroma of fresh wood was strong!

Another photo of a Fishing Boat

R85-21 Ft William_W.jpg (59582 bytes)
R86-9 GMF,Dave,Lori Sibley Beach.jpg (90156 bytes) R85-35 Lori.jpg (28403 bytes)
Camping at Sibley.  We remembered Rolf's "Rock Tower" project from two years ago  and managed to complete our own.

I believe the photo of Joyce and Dave at right was taken at a point a slight distance along the trail to Tee-Harbor.

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R865-11 Joyce & Dave, Lake.jpg (59271 bytes)
R86-30 Dave & Geoff_w.jpg (92384 bytes)
Dave and Geoff Nass
R86-26 Pintail_W.jpg (38270 bytes)
My Pintail at Lax Lake
Bring on the Clowns!

1976 - Bicentennial Celebration! Even a little town of 2200 people could make it a big deal.

Melissa Oxberry, Lori Fisher, and Angela Oxberry participated in the kids parade around the perimeter of the shopping center parking lot.

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Silver Bay Barbershoppers

R87-13 Clowns_450_2.jpg (81870 bytes)
Trick or Treating with Mike and Paul King
Digital clocks were just becoming available in 1976 for around $75.  Dave and I both liked them, and when I found a kit of parts for around $35, I decided to build one for him as a Christmas present.  In early December I worked on it in the basement for an hour or so after work for some time, and wouldn't let him come down there - it was to be a surprise.

It didn't come with any sort of enclosure, so the result when finished in a homemade wooden box was not very professional, but we both were pleased with it.

A photo of the clock's innards is here.

Jan Piltz

Early SC/MP Microprocessor computer system
Reserve Mining R&D Project

One corner of our lab at RMCo. Our work environment underwent great improvement after Bill Bundschue arrived from Babbit. The work counters, built-in power supplies, etc were all his doing.  Looks like a electronics lab now instead of a metallurgical lab!

The blue box on the right is an early microprocessor (Intel 4004) development system - a passion of mine at that time. The gray Data Entry Panel on the left was one of my early projects with it.  I did the design work - hardware and software, Jim Christiansen of the Instrument Shop did the fabrication. He turned out work using only hand tools that would be the envy of others with a full machine shop!

Silica Analyzer Interface - Another RMCo. Project.

 It took the Binary Coded Decimal outputs from the NOLA (Neuton On-Line Analyzer) and assembled them into a single pulse train which was then clocked into the IBM 1800 Process Control Computer system, minimizing the number of computer I/O points required - expensive in those days!

My design, Jim Christiansen fabrication.

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