Gooseberry.jpg (58694 bytes) The Gooseberry River area (maybe 20 miles south of Silver Bay) was always spectacular -  in summer or Winter.  This view is looking up from the Lake side to the Hwy 61 bridge.
Ham Radio was an important hobby to me in the 70's.   Especially the aspect of it that was called RTTY or Radio Teletype.  This old Model 15 teleprinter made beautiful, rthymic sounds when it was producing copy at its maximum 60 words-per-minute print rate.  Not too many years later it was replaced by a "glass teletype" - Made from a 6502 microcomputer, a monitor and software.    Still homebrewed and still fun. RTTY_Station.jpg (41156 bytes)
Dave9thBirthday.jpg (28000 bytes)
David turns 9.
 Dave&Gail&Lori.jpg (31595 bytes)
Gail Nosek always got lots of attention when Team Fisher babysat her.
In June, we trailer-camped along the Gunflint Trail with Grandma Fisher.

We never owned a tent-camper, but for many years rented one from Bill Mensing at Beaver Bay Sports.   (Enlarge)

Another photo of our tent-camper trailer site from 1977 is here.

SibleyCampSite.jpg (42837 bytes) Later our family is camping at Sibley again.  Got plenty of tents.
An ample supply of firewood was always maintained in an open area between the back of the campsites and the swimming beach at Lake Marie Louise.

One of Dave and Lori's favorite activities was using the wood piles as a source of raw material for building forts.  

fort.jpg (67230 bytes)
tharbor.jpg (53872 bytes)

Tee Harbor - About six miles round-trip via jeep trail from trailhead parking near the Sea Lion. (map).

The first time we explored it in 1970, Koyuk and I hiked. But after that I took the bicycle and Koyuk ran along.   No mountain bikes yet.... Just a skinny tire ten-speed.  


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R79-3_Dave & GT380.jpg (104032 bytes) Labor Day Weekend. Little Isabella River campground about half-way between Silver Bay and Ely. This was probably the first overnight bike trip that Dave and I took.  

The bike is a 2 cycle, 3 cylinder Suzuki GT-380, purchased in April from a dealer in upper Mich through a co-worker at RMCo, Dave Kolehmainen.  Paid $1050 for it.

Another shot of Dave and I just starting out on a trip.... different one I think.

R79-7 Pat Wedding, Bridesmaids, GMF3w.jpg (43393 bytes)
Pat Fisher and Jack Fluno were married in September

R79-12 FromChurch_W.JPG (32144 bytes)
More Wedding Photos
Christmas.jpg (44798 bytes)
Christmas in Silver Bay

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