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Twin Lakes.  Dave and I came out here a lot. Many snow tracks attest to other visitors, but it was always quiet and secluded when we were here.

What's that in the tree?

No more sleeping in a crib. LoriNewBed.jpg (32794 bytes)
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Grandpa Fisher built a lot of play cupboards.  This must be the one he built for Pat. (An early version, smaller and simpler, is shown in the 1945 Wis Rapids Tribune photo.)

Now that Lori had her own in Silver Bay, she knew exactly what to do with this one at Grandma's house.

Lori and Jennie Nass

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David was always interested in what was going on at my workbench.  One time when he was a bit younger than he is here, he was kneeling on top of it, playing while I was working at the other end. 

Suddenly there was a pop, a flash and the lights went out!  I don't know who was more scared, he or I.  My workbench tool board had lots of receptacles to hold things, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.  Dave probably thought he was helping me pick things up by inserting ... I think it was an eating fork..... into one of the power receptacles I had built into the tool mounting board above the bench.

Thank God our guardian angles were alert that day....... 

Dave and Lori playing in string hammock when we camped at Fall Lake near Ely MN in July .

Here in another photo 40 years later, Lori is again playing in a hammock - but this time with her children. (See image at upper right.)

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In 1974 we again spent a week camping at Sibley.  This spot was near the Sea Horse, down by Lake Superior. 

And this year we had company! Rolf and Barb Schulz came along.  Barb was pregnant with Eric at the time, but that didn't stop us from exploring many trails in the area.   When Barb sometimes got off by herself, we would hear her plaintive cry, "Rolf....... Come find me......."   

I think this might be the same beach as above.  These stones were prefect for skipping..... flat and round. 

Rolf also taught us how to build a rock tower with them.  Here is the result of much patient work by all the kids in the crowd. 


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The Duluth harbor was a great place for sight seeing.  Here our tour boat is passing the boat loading operation of the Huron Cement Plant in Superior, Wis.

Good Grief!  How am I going to remember all that?!

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