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Father's Day, 1973 was celebrated up in David's room.  Maybe we only had a desert there.  This was about the time Jay Christensen was trying to interest me in fishing and I suppose the net was to improve my chances of bringing some good sized walleyes home.  I can't remember it making much difference.

David & Lego Project

Day's Hill was just south of Split Rock Lighthouse which you can see here in the distance.  You could either follow a path around the hill and come out on a secluded rocky beach, or you could follow a path around and up the hill to his point which had a wonderful view of Lake Superior.  There was a huge barbcue fireplace built out of stones at the top, but we never used it, preferring simple sandwiches or or rare occasions, grilling hamburgers on a portable grill.  

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Back at Sibley again - 4th year.  This view of the sleeping giant over Lake Marie Louise was always welcome and we knew the campground was just around the corner.

And, by now we knew where to find the bears - at the dump!



Saturday morning cartoons.

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This was our first Christmas where our family was incomplete.    Grandpa Fisher had passed away the previous September.  After he retired, he spent many hours in his wood working shop and two of the things he made were a play stove and cupboard for Lori. The stove was to be for her birthday and the cupboard for Christmas. He died about a month before her birthday. 

Here Grandma and Lori unwrap the cupboard at Christmas.  A bittersweet time.......

One of Grandma's and Lori's many card games.  It always seemed that Lori won more than the law of averages would allow, and when she didn't, Grandma was near tears.

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