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John Haugen, a electrician friend at Reserve, went fishing almost every evening at Lax Lake.  Mostly for sunfish and crappies.  I'd see him many evenings when out walking with Koyuk along Penn Blvd, happy to be rid of the plant, and in a hurry to get there, hauling his boat upside down on a one-wheel trailer contraption behind a tiny car. 

John kept talking it up, so Dave and I tried our hand at it one evening and caught a few.  Takes a lot of 'em to make a meal though. 

Lori discovering just how good Chocolate Pudding is.

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Our favorite place to cool off on warm summer days - near the Baptism River.  I don't know that it had a name back then.  Call it Rock Beach I guess.  Now it is part of Tettegouche State Park.  Palisade Head can be seen in the background, where years later the cliff hanger scenes for The Good Son were filmed. 

The large rock out on the point was big - chest high and we would sometimes climb up and sit on it.  One year when we came back in the spring, it had disappeared.... No match for Lake Superior's winter storms. 

Lee Toland was a good friend, and a "do-er".  Building hiking and snowsled trails was just one of the things he did with a passion.  This is the scene looking north from the ridge at Toland's Terrace just off Penn Blvd.   Twin Lakes are between the two ridges seen in the upper right corner of the picture.

Koyuk and I climbed up here many times.  We would sometimes see deer down along the swamp fringes, and infrequently a moose with his head down in the water, searching for something to eat.  Sunset to the west was magnificent!

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We camped again at Sibley in '72.  Grandma and Grandpa Piltz came with us.  After camping a week at Sibley, Joyce and Lori went back to Wisconsin Rapids with Piltz's and Dave and I continued around Lake Superior. 

This is one morning along the beach at Neys Prov Park.

More of the beach

Soo Locks


In the early 70's, Reserve conducted many aerial photo surveys of the "green water phenomenon".  Several R&D engineers took part and I asked one of them (Dan Chapman I believe) to grab a photo of our backyard if he got the chance. (Finding it would be easy for Dan since his house was only only two lots down from ours!)  So he brought back this one showing the west end of the Silver Bay townsite, with Hays Circle prominent.

The area in the foreground was called the "new section". Lots, streets, curb and gutter are ready for some future townsite expansion. (This is a 1972 photo.)

That time finally came around 1980 when the "tails in Lake Superior" controversy was resolved, and Reserve agreed to spend $360 Million to convert to total on-land tails disposal.  Houses sprouted like weeds and most of R&D caught the fever.

HaysFromAir.jpg (50830 bytes)


48 Hays Circle.  The first house we owned - or at least made payments on.  The green shakes were a bear to paint. The garage was metal and not insulated. But a "barrel stove" fully stoked, made it a very pleasant place to spend a winter evening working on snowmobiles or whatever no matter what the outside temperature.

 25 Years later....

Joyce found these Zillow Realty photos on the Internet in Jan 2015.

Notes on the slide holder identifies this as the Bensen Lake area. The lake is about 1/2 mile  off the Cramer Road, 8 miles north of Finland.   I only went up there infrequently, and then I thought only with Koyuk.  But here we are - apparently on a family hike! Sep '72.

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In October, Lori turned two.  Extraordinary cakes are still the order of the day.

Thanksgiving Holiday: Watching TV at at Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's.....


In Silver Bay the first snow's came around Thanksgiving. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy.  I remember on at least one occasion , coming back from Thanksgiving in Wisconsin Rapids and having to blow out the driveway before we could get the car in and get it unloaded.  

The photo shows Koyuki back at our favorite rock beach near the Baptism River in mid-December. 

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Christmas '72

Jan and Jill Piltz, Dave and Lori join Grandma and Grandpa Piltz for a traditional Christmas photo.

Lori opening Present

At Fisher's

Previous Year (1971)
Next Year (1973)