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With nine months of winter and 3 months of tough sledding, people who lived in northern Minnesota found ways to enjoy both seasons. Here it is January with the temperature almost certainly at or below zero. The dog sled races at Ely were becoming a big deal.  In '71 we drove up with Bill and Bonny Kobe, and being from Ely, they knew the best spots to observe the action. Here the course went down the middle of Fall Lake. 

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Gary Vaplon was happiest when something went wrong.  Here the sled wouldn't start and he is disassembling a carburetor attempting to clear a vapor lock problem.

Our newly purchased Arctic Cat K-399 Panther snowsled is in the background.  The occasion was an ice fishing trip at Moose Lake off the Cramer Road, along with Jay Christiansen, Joe Wright, and George Guilliam.

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Meanwhile the newest member of our family is growing.  Here she is, bright eyed and curious at 4 months.

Twin Lakes was a pair of lakes nestled between two ridges a mile or so behind the Silver Bay townsite.  You could only get to it by hiking in the summer or by snowmobiling in the Winter.  Dave and I went there a lot. We sure were proud of this Artic Cat.  It was top-of-the-line in the early 70's.  Silver Sledders Map of Snowsled Trails in Silver Bay area.

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Gooseberry (a state park) was down the shore 15 miles or so toward Two Harbors.   On this particular day it appears the wind had blown all of the ice in to shore, but it wasn't ever solid enough to walk on.

Lori was baptized in April.  Not having any relatives in Minnesota, we turned to good friends Paul and Sally Wahlstrom to act as sponsors.   Sally is holding Jana, their little girl born only a few months before Lori.   Pastor and Mrs. Dirksen also joined us for a dinner celebration after baptism at the church. 

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Dinner time.  I can tell by the window and the wall that we had already moved to Hays Circle, on the other end of town.   Unfortunately I cannot find a picture of the earlier rented house on Burk Drive.* But this one is really ours!  (Or will be...) Silver Bay was a company town and Reserve Mining made it easy to buy a home. No down payment!  

*Wait a minute...... Here it is!

Lori at 7 mo.
Dave and I on his 5th Birthday


With a little boy and a little girl, we were a very typical Silver Bay Family.  All of Silver Bay was young.  The town didn't exist until the mid 50's, and most of the workmen and women Reserve recruited were young families willing to relocate to a somewhat remote village on the north shore of Lake Superior -  an area known for harsh winters and cool summers.

Grandma and Grandpa Fisher visited in July

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And, Grandma and Grandpa Piltz came to visit also.  Photo credits to Dave.


Sibley had made a strong impression on us last year and we went back for a week in late August. 

The lookout tower we were climbing at right was not the one on the sleeping giant's chest.  You could drive to this one, and look westward out over the water to the twin cities of Port Arthur and Fort William, now united as one and called Thunder Bay.

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And, in October we celebrated Lori's first birthday.  

Grandpa Fisher was there also.

And Pat


Christmas '71 
Wisconsin Rapids

Fifteen Wisemen and one little Angel.

Gifts at Piltz's

Joyce & Lori

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