Back at our favorite rock beach near the Baptism River.  I wonder how many hundreds (thousands?) of stones we threw into the lake while we lived there?

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Lake Superior almost never froze solid.  The lake was too big.  But, ice floes would blow in and out according to the wind.

Koyuk never swam in the lake, but he always waded in no matter what the temperature. These pictures were taken in February.

Koyuk at Shovel Point - August

Late May and this is probably first camping trip of the season .   We are on the Isabella River again.  Dave is almost 4 and already a pretty good photographer.


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Sibly Prov. Park was a favorite camping destination for many years. This small village at the tip of the peninsula was called Silver Islet.  This trip was in August and Joyce was seven months pregnant with Lori. We had made a loop up through International Falls, MN and over to Thunder Bay and the Sibly Peninsula. I recall how Koyuk really perked up when his nose sensed the cool, moist Lake Superior air as we approach Thunder Bay from the west. He probably thought we were home!

More Sibley Peninsula pictures

And now we are four.  Lori is 5 days old in this photo.  We had our little boy and Joyce dearly wanted a little girl as our second child. The memory of the expression of joy on her face, moments after Lori's birth when the nurse told her she had a little girl will stay with me forever.

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