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David is still delivering gifts.  This time the occasion is Joyce's 25th birthday.

That snow outside there - All the way up to the bottom of the window???

Our first house in Silver Bay was at 46 Burk Drive. An exterior wintertime photo of it is here.

Yes it was.  This is at our first (rented) house in Silver Bay, on Burk Drive.  We had a great view out of our living room window, out over Lake Superior, and could watch oreboats enter and leave the harbor at Reserve Mining. 

We didn't have a snowblower at this time (not until later, after we moved to Hays Circle), but this was our first winter in Silver Bay, and we enjoyed the challenge. Dave also thought it was great.

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Koyuk was born on Jan 19, 1969 and we brought him home to Silver Bay to live with us 2 months later in March.

Koyuk and his mother Keesha before we brought him home from Misqua Hills Kennels in Grand Marais. He was part of a litter bred for show, but his pink nose would count against him.  We didn't care and loved him anyway. 

Another picture with Keesha.

A few weeks later at 2-1/2 months.

Pedigree     AKC Registration

And we still had our big, bad Tiger tomcat  - Would they get along? 

The memory of this place and occasion is etched in my mind.  It was a weekend afternoon, probably a Sunday, and we stopped here to walk along the shore at Beaver Bay. I was struck by the beauty of the north shore, and overwhelmed with a sense of well-being.  I went over and kissed Joyce on the cheek and told her how happy I was.

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Koyuk and I started taking long walks in the woods that surrounded the townsite.  This was the view from the ridge above our house on Burk Drive.   Except for the R&D building which is indicated here, you cannot see the Reserve Mining Co. processing plant.  It is behind the hill, and off to the right of the picture.


With a large share of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area just north of us, we bought a 16' canoe and started camping every weekend we could.

Kelso Creek here was a favorite.  We paddled 1/2 way up Sawbill Lake, then follow this creek about a mile to Kelso Lake. We sensed our movement much better on a narrow creek, plus with trees on either side, very little wind impeded progress.     After reaching Kelso Lake we could paddle south to Alton Lake and eventually make a short 30 rod portage back to Sawbill -- a nice day trip.   

Sawbill Area Map

More Camping Photos

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One of my favorite Dave & Koyuk pictures.  Koyuk is still a pup here - about 6 months old. 

Another Dave & Koyuk picture - One I kept for many years on my desk at Reserve.

David's third birthday.

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Silver Bay townsite looking northwest. Our house at 46 Burk Drive was in the last row of houses about 1/3 of the distance between the water tower and the right side of the photo. You can also make out Campton school, and the apartments.  Outer Drive leading from Hwy 61 up into the townsite is visible at far left.

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