I now had a study/workshop that wasn't over a neighbor's bedroom.   This is a portion of the basement of the Airport Road house. 

The ham radio gear is a Heath HW-12, 75m, SSB transceiver.  2m radio teletype was another area of avid interest, spurred on by John Koster's (W9DDD) ideas and experiments.   One of the projects of that time was a dynamotor based power supply for powering the HW-12 in mobile operation.

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Dave and I, June '68


Early camping trips were to Gov Dodge State Park, west of Madison.  

The green canvas tent is a hand-me-down from Grandma and Grandpa Fisher originally used during the 1958 Western car camping trip with Pat and I.

July '68

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David's 2nd birthday and the start of another tradition.  Each year Joyce baked (crafted?) a cake that seemed bigger and fancier than last year's.   Dave's getting to where he can really enjoy it.   


Tea Parties on Grandma Fisher's kitchen floor also became a bit of a tradition.  First with David as the guest of honor, and later with Lori. That's sister Pat's back to the camera.

Aug '68

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WaconiaPark.jpg (55102 bytes)  

Waconia Park - 4th location in 3-1/2 years. We moved because Mike wanted to sell rather than rent his house on Airport Road.

We were unhappy at first to be moving again, but finding this "cottage" seemed like a dream. On a pleasant lane, and only 2 houses up from Lake Mendota.  We envisioned that we might be able to afford  a canoe sometime in the future. Maybe even a sailboat.


However, before we moved in, but after coming to agreement with our new landlord, the Reserve Mining opportunity in Silver Bay, MN became a firm offer.  My potential for growth and advancement seemed better in this more engineering than physics opportunity, and I was strongly attracted to living in such a beautiful and remote area.  Joyce, bless her heart, agreed to follow.

I started work at Reserve in November, and Joyce, David, and the furniture came up about a month later.  I'd had surgery to repair a hernia (as a condition of employment!) and was excused from any moving related work.  Although this time professional movers were used, Joyce still had to coordinate it all after I started work in Silver Bay.


Rocky Taconite

Silver Bay, Minnesota


Sixty miles north of Duluth, Mn on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Home of Reserve Mining Company ,one grocery store, one drug store,
and  2200 people.


Map of NE Minnesota

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D_J_Christmas.jpg (71546 bytes)  

Christmas '68 in Silver Bay. 

Say what you will about the tree.  Jay Christiansen and I trudged through knee deep snow, cut it down and dragged it out like we were natives of the north country.  

Joyce seemed proud of our efforts at the time and didn't let her true feelings show until it began to look like cutting our own tree was going to become a yearly tradition.

Dad and Mom drove up from Wisconsin Rapids to join us for the holidays, and then drove back in a snowstorm.  I regretted that they should have to do that, and I believe from then on, each year, we celebrated Christmas in Wisconsin Rapids. 

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GMF_D_Christmas.jpg (46621 bytes)

Gentle Ben came to live with us that year.  He was much loved by all and a key player in many activities. 

We were very proud of the beauty of the new area where we now lived.   This picture was taken at the mouth of the Baptism River on Dec 29th.  We had it made into a Christmas card and used it next year. That's Shovel Point in the background sloping into the Lake.  Countless hikes were made in this area - to a rock beach between here and Shovel Point, and out to the tip of Shovel Point itself.

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