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Grandma and Grandpa Fisher getting to know their first grandchild. 

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Sister Pat and Dave.  -- Spring '67

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Joyce & Dave, June '67

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David John Fisher

Birthday Number One!

July '67


The Madison School Forest was about 5 miles south of Verona, WI where we lived at the time. It was a small forest, and a fine place to take a young boy on an easy hike.  

Sep '67

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Out for another walk, exact location no longer remembered.  I do remember the kitten had one bad eye, like he had been in a big fight even at his tender age.  

He and Dave made easy friends of each other.  - Sep '67


Sometime during the year after David was born, we moved from Verona, WI (south of Madison) to Middleton (west of Madison) on Airport Road.  National Electrostatics Corporation where I worked was less than a quarter mile away. 

And now we lived in a house instead of  an apartment. And we had our own back yard - It seemed big enough, with plenty of room to play catch and just enjoy having our own grass. - Sep '67

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Joyce and David

on a Sunday Afternoon

Nov '67

Tiger was a house cat here in Middleton, and previously in Verona and in Oregon, WI. But he was never de-clawed or neutered. Later when we moved to Silver Bay he became quite a rover, sometimes going away for weeks at a time.  Finally, one time he left and never came back. 

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Middleton where we lived was a little over 100 miles south of our home town of Wisconsin Rapids and where both of our parents lived. 

My recollection is that we made frequent visits back home which was certainly agreeable to Dave who received a lot of attention there.  Nov '67

The early start of a Christmas Gift delivery tradition.  Christmas '67. Grandpa Fisher on the receiving end.

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