We now lived in Verona, 10 miles or so to the west.  (Upper right apartment.) Although Joyce was pregnant. I suppose we moved because it cut perhaps a third of the time & distance off my commute to National Electrostatics in Middleton.

Anyway, Bill Krecji, I and a trailer got the move done in short order as we had not acquired much in the way of material things in just a few months of marriage.  


June 19 - First Anniversary

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David was born on July 11.  This picture was taken about 2 months later.  We are very proud of our little boy, and start thinking of ourselves as a family. 


We purchased the Ford Falcon just before we were married, mostly from Joyce's savings.  (She worked in the office at Consolidated Papers in Wisconsin Rapids for several years while I was going to school in Madison.)  

This is the first car either of us owned, and being a convertible made it all the sweeter.  (Sep '66)

Dave at 3 mo +


Pastor Lange performed David's baptism at Grandma and Grandpa Fisher's home. 

Howie Lipke and sister Pat were sponsors. 

Nov '66

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Grandpa Fisher's foot was in a cast due to a work related accident at the mill. (Something about a suspended, swinging roll of paper catching or pinching his leg and foot between it and some solid support.)

Grandpa and Grandma (Donald and Dorothy) Piltz also witnessed the baptism.

Nov '66

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